About digipodium

What we are

Digipodium is a platform which reaches out to its audiences to help them enrich their lives in a bigger and better manner through specializations in various fields of

We are here to ensure some of the finest services in a most organized and systematic manner. We take pride in hosting a highly dedicated and confident staff which is committed to deliver, and takes up challenges, by updating themselves on the latest technologies

Areas of Expertise

IT Training wing provides you specialized training programs mapped with the International Certification of Global Giants like Oracle, Microsoft, Google, IBM etc. Training Programs are available on latest version of Data Analytics, Java, Advanced Java, Python, Django, Android, Kotlin, IoT, Machine Learning, Advanced Machine Learning, Big Data, PHP, Advanced PHP, Angular, .NET, Cloud etc. We suggest specialized training programs for students, which conform with industry requirements. This assists our young students to stay on top of emerging trends which are in sync with career opportunities which are rife and continuously growing.
Our Key Resource Persons have dependable & experienced backgrounds in their respective areas of expertise. Their colossal bank of knowledge is endorsed with International Certifications and speak of their authenticity and authority.

The Digital Marketing team provides two broad services –

  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Digital Marketing Solution

Digital Marketing Training has programs from Associate Level to Master Level. All programs are mapped with Google and Hubspot Certifications. Training Programs are available on latest content of Digital Marketing Master Training Program, Online Advertising Using GOOGLE ADS, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics Using GOOGLE Analytics, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing etc. Customized programs are available for students and professionals as per their requirement. Our Digital Marketing Solution team is here to provide solutions to corporates, small businesses, startups etc., related to online promotion and optimization techniques. Our key resource person is a Google and Hubspot Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

The Event Management coordinators provide a single roof solution to all your requirements and ensure a memorable and successful event finish. The events such as Conference, Inaugural functions, Seminar, Product Launch, College Festival, Felicitation ceremony Wedding, Live in Concerts, Birthday parties, Inter college events etc. The key resource person has a 15 years experience and has been leading a firm which has more than 50 years history in this field. She takes pride in handling events in a most creative and innovative style, so that each event has an identity and a memory exclusive. We thrive because we provide event management & planning , creating and building your dream event, theme development, concept based decors, sustainable services, dedicated staff and more.

Our Team

Zaid Kamil
Google, Microsoft & IBM Certified
Android & Python expert
With more than 6 years of experience
Bharvi Sharma
Google Certified
Digital Marketing associate
With more than 5 years experience.
Mohammad Mubassir
Microsoft Certified
Python & Angular expert
With more than 1 year experience.